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I, personally, had a fantastic time at Hogsmeade this last weekend. It was very nice to spend some time without worrying about Hermione's study schedule exams or any of that.

Honeyduke's has that special chocolate back in stock so I purchased some and I'm hoping that it helps my classmates sleep so that some of us may relax for a bit.

Ron, thank you for keeping your end of the bargain. I just so happen to have some very interesting photographs acquired from an independent, oh what was your word for it, agent! That's it, an agent!

It's all very James Blue, isn't it? He's quite attractive in a really old sort of bloke way when he wears those clothes and he has very nice autos but he does seem to a careless disregard for keeping them nice.
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At the beginning of the summer, all I wanted to do was stay in England. Now that it's getting close to time to leave India, I'm not sure if I want to go back.

It's just been very lovely being here and spending all this time with Colin with my friends and I've really gotten to know Padma even more than I did before and trust me, I knew her really well before because we are twins and all but still, it's been great because of getting to spend so much time with her and Lav and Colin.

It's really nice to be here even if the heat does get oppressive at times and it rains and we're stuck indoors and ... right, that reminds me.

Lavender and Colin, could you please explain to me exactly why you were both in the loo together... at the same time?
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India is lovely. The beach is lovely. Mumbai is lovely. I recently purchased a few Muggle games and they're really quite lovely.

The sun is shining and the world is beautiful. There is a bird singing just outside in the garden.

I hope everyone is as happy as I am right now.
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I'm really quite glad that we're in India with the things everyone in England is dealing with.

Today, we went into Muggle Mumbai and Colin helped me buy a new camera. It was kind of embarrassing as I didn't know what money was what but between Padma and Colin, it was sorted out.

Then, Colin showed me how to use the camera and that was brilliant. He kept putting his arms around me

My pictures were rubbish but everyone was really very complimentary anyway. It's nice having friends like these.
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arrival in India

We've arrived in India. It's fairly beautiful here, I'd forgotten that.

Aunt Chotti started on about Padma not dating anyone right away so she's hiding in her bedroom until Aunt Chotti leaves. I'm hoping it's soon as she's very mean emphatic about her opinions. She actually had the nerve to tell me that at least Padma has a chance to make something of herself but if I don't get engaged soon, then I'm going to be a poor spinster because I'm not qualified for any career.

Lavender, missing me yet? That's a silly question, of course you are! Mum says anytime you want to come is good with her. She's looking forward to your visit and says if you need her to talk to your mum, she'll owl her or whatever.

Colin, have you had a chance to ask your mum yet? I miss you thought it would be as much fun as you're able to have if you came. There are beaches just down the way and plenty of room and me loads to see and do. Mum says that she wants to meet you you're more than welcome to come for however long since you were such a help with my Muggle Studies.

If Padma ever comes out of her bedroom, we're supposed to go to the beach tomorrow and then into Muggle Mumbai. I've not really explored there but I'm hoping there's a shop somewhere that has some of the games and things that Professor Pawson recommended before I left.
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Final School Entry for the Year

Well, the Leaving Feast is tomorrow so that should be fun.

I'm being exiled, well, Padma too, that is, we're going to India for the summer with our parents. They have agreed to hire tutors for us so that we don't need to come back to England.

I'm not really looking forward to it too much as some of my Aunties aren't very nice. They think I'm sort of flighty and silly while they think that Padma really needs a boy to make her life complete.

It's going to be a long awkward summer but we've been allowed to invite people out to see us. Colin? Lavender? Would you want to see India? Please? We'll go to Bollywood and look for starlets with Aunt Soomya, who happens to know all these amazing people and places.

I wonder if they have Shipping Battles in the Muggle shops there.
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That... that... hussy!

Colin helped me pick out a wonderful present to give to Lavender at her little "thing" to replace the chocolates I needed to use to replace the ones I used for Padma and Mandy. He even carried my bag for me at one point! He's such a gentleman. It took a bit of doing but we also found some very nice eyeliner for Colin to replace the bit that RONALD WEASLEY someone stole.

After shopping our way through Hogsmeade, we made our way to the Three Broomsticks where we had a very enjoyable stop for butterbeer until Demelza Robins showed up.

I cannot believe the nerve of some people!

I would never go up to someone sitting with a friend, enjoying a butterbeer and then start screeching at them about stealing their boyfriend!

I have never been so insulted!

Demelza, it's not kind to make false accusations about people when you and I both know you were caught in the same broom closet with a Fourth Year Hufflepuff.
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The small get together in honor of Splotchy Colin's birthday seemed to be quite a success! I'm glad that so many of his friends and housemates showed up!

But the best news was that after interrogating and frightening speaking to his roommates, I found my birthday present to him.

Colin? It was in your bedside table the whole time! I think your roommates decided to unwrap it and put it away for you!
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I had to go to class today. Professor McGonagall talked to me yesterday and said that being turned pink with orange hair and spots all over me was no excuse for missing classes.

She said it was my own fault.

So I wore the scarf that Padma made me over my hair and I have to say that I look quite pretty all pink all over. It's quite my color. The spots even matched the beautiful scarf.

Then, this afternoon, I was really itchy and all of a sudden, the spots disappeared and I turned my normal colour again. Now if only the orange would completely leave. I don't really like the tiger-stripes in my hair, even if they are unique and fairly attractive.

Just don't think that I've forgiven you, Fred Weasley.